Here's what you get as the Building Expert

Exclusive branding on the #1 condo website

Your name and contact information in front of the largest condo audience on the web

 For over 10 years Condo.com has connected buyers, sellers and renters on the largest condo marketplace in the world. The industry-first building marketing program delivers you exclusive, high-impact marketing on the building of your choice and all available units in the building.  Block your competitors and wow your clients with this exclusive exposure.

Exclusive Building Branding
Exclusive Unit Branding

10+ million

Condo Buyers 
& Renters

$20+ billion

Annual Condo Inquiries
Exclusive placement in The Building Times™

Deliver the building news each month to residents

The Building Times™ is a monthly building-specific digital magazine delivered by you to building residents and prospects. The targeted digital magazine features articles on condo living, building and market data, important phone numbers, local vendors and a full-page ad featuring you as the exclusive real estate professional.

Exclusive branding on Residents by Condo.com

Develop long-lasting relationships with building residents

Residents by Condo.com is a free online community for your building where residents can connect, save money and solve building issues. Easily invite residents, share community events and help residents save money in the building while positioned as the building expert.

Exclusive branding on monthly building reports

Deliver real estate updates and establish yourself as the “expert"

Beautifully formatted building reports are created for you to email and text to prospects and building residents. We provide the content and campaign distribution to make it easy to build trust and establish your expertise.

A dynamic social media campaign for your building

Building-specific content posted to your social channels saving you time and money

Leverage a library of building-specific content distributed to your social media channels and followers keeping you top of mind and providing you with a proactive marketing strategy. Dynamic, beautifully designed content pieces for Facebook, Instagram and other channels are delivered to your inbox or automatically distributed during a monthly campaign. No more struggling to create content.

Custom building landing page

Your building mini-site captures more leads and grows your brand

Send traffic from social media and other marketing to your custom mini-building website. The site has an award-winning design and enterprise-class functionality to capture and route leads and deliver high-impact branding.

An easy-to-use dashboard to track activity and manage your building marketing campaign

Add more buildings and exposure from inside your account and watch your return on investment grow.

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Buy a lead, work with one prospect. 
Buy a building, work with hundreds.

  • This would cost thousands of dollars and hours of time every day to do on your own
  • Block your competitors in the top buildings
  • Use the Condo.com branding and endorsement to get listings
  • Own a building and never farm again
  • Build an annuity from developing relationships in top buildings

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